Wednesday, April 16, 2008


As a dark cloud descends,
With no silver lining visible
At a stage where sadness extends
And happiness isn't feasible
I try hard to make amends
But I seem to be invisible
In despair I trudge as I try to cope,
Touching my heart now is a ray of hope!!!


  1. I loved that last line and think you will love it here.

  2. Glad to have found your poems. They truly reflect a wide array of thoughts. Great work.

  3. thank you so muchh for this.. the words,, and that picture is amazing how it is light on one side of the rainbow and dark on the other,... wow...

  4. Very nice! A ray of hope is such a wonderous happening!

  5. It's not always easy to find a silver lining... but search long and hard enough and you will.

    Welcome to 3WW! :)

  6. oh yes, it is so very comforting and serene, beautiful.


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