Friday, April 4, 2008

Acrostically aesthetic

Naturally, being who I am,
Poetry is close to my heart.
Writing is something I enjoy,
More on the way, this is just a start.

Naming the poem is the challenge,
Poems without titles aren’t cared for,
Writing in different styles for a change,
Month full of poems is what I aim for.

If I may continue….

Naively I go ahead with it,
Possibly, they arent any good,
Wringing my hand, as I sit,
Moping around, in a mood!

Nagging feeling at the back,
Potentially, I could be great,
Writing I will therefore continue,
Moreover, there are reviews I await:)


  1. you are realy good, i am so glad to have bumped into you...

  2. This idea never even occurred to have done such a nice job here! Do you mind if I give it a try sometime? It's a cool idea. I won't take your lines (at least, not knowingly!). I wonder if I can even come up with any more that will fit?


Thank you for reading; and thank you in advance for the feedback